The Accessibility Guides on Access LARP were a revelation

When we started discussing Lifeblood as a LARP one of the first things we said was that the game had to be accessible. We didn’t really understand what that meant at the time. We thought we could find an accessible venue and most of the work would be done.

The Accessibility Guides on Access LARP were a revelation. It made us start thinking about the way we planned our plots and how to support neurodivergent players. As a result we re-wrote significant aspects of the setting to make sure nobody was erased: although there is healing magic in the game, there is also disability, magic that affects the mind cannot simply erase mental health issues. We put those aspects at the front and centre of our plot and made sure that players felt supported in dealing with those issues IC and OC.
Making the game truly accessible was much, much harder than we had anticipated but it was worth it. One of the proudest moments of my life was being told “this is the most accessible game I have ever played.”
– Ellen Clegg