Access:Check offers a number of packages and consultation services. All services will be tailored to consider your specific needs and requirements.

Please use the contact form to enquire about booking Access:Check for a consultation or other accessibility service.

If you are a LARP organiser you can make use of the resources and services on offer at Access:LARP.

E&D or Accessibility Document Writing
£4 not-for-profit
£8 professional
Access:Check will produce a standard Equality & Diversity or Accessibility Statement document for your use.

Document Review 
£7 not-for-profit
£15 professional
Documents including: accessibility policy; character creation; rules; setting; plot documents etc. Documents up to two sides of A4. The review will be tailored to your event and your needs and will include specific recommendations and advice in a full report.

Double Up
+ £4 not-for-profit
+ £8 professional
Add a second Document Review for a discounted price

Accessibility Bundle
£9 not-for-profit
£21 professional
Production of a standard accessibility document and a Document Review (up to two sides of A4) .

Tailored Consultations
£10/hr amateur/not-for-profit
£15/hr professional
For those organisers who require a more in depth consultation, want on-going support or for longer more complex document reviews and questions. The Tailored Consultation can include a full written report, discussion by email or video chat as well as on going support and reviews.

Other Services

Braille Setting
£2 per Braille sheet. Please see the Braille Setting page for more details.

Braille Machine Hire:
£5 per week + p&p
£5 refundable deposit required.
Includes full instructions, Braille guide, Stainsby Machine and a quantity of Braille suitable paper.

Venue Assessments
Coming Soon!

Training and presentations

Price: £100 per half day

If you have a larger team and want to make sure you are on top of accessibility with regard to LARP, interactive theatre, escape rooms, or live experiences you may want to arrange a training session.
Access:Check can run a half day training session or workshop tailored to your needs to help your team understand the complexities and considerations of making your event accessible.

Content may include:

  • An introduction to Accessibilty
  • Core concepts of Accessibility
  • Considerations for mental health accessibility
  • Accessibility in different areas of the event organisation
  • Examples and scenarios of access needs and how they can be tackled
  • Writing accessible plot
  • Finding an accessible venue or site

Please note the price does not include venue hire or travel costs though Access:Check can work with you to find a suitable location if you do not have your own.