Braille Setting

We can now offer a Braille Setting Service for small documents.

IMG_20180126_183732 (2)
Photograph of a Stainsby Braille Machine: a metal board with holes down each side and a mechanical device at the top.

Please note that all documents will be set by hand using a vintage Stainsby Machine so we can not do large volumes of documents. You can see the process and how the machine works in this YouTube Video.

Braille setting will cost £2 per Braille sheet.

A photograph showing a sheet of Braille text and a sheet of printed text. The printed tex takes up only a 1/4 of the page.

As you can see from the sample shown, Braille set using the Stainsby Machine takes up significantly more space than printed text. One Braille sheet equates to approximately 6 lines of printed text in Calibri 11pt font.

Machine Hire

If you have more text to set or would like to be able to set your own documents the Stainsby Machine is available for hire.

The hire cost will be £5 per week plus p&p (approximately £7 for mainland UK). This will include a number of sheets of Braille paper for you to use plus full instructions. If you wish to use your own paper keep in mind that heavier weight paper is needed.

For Braille Setting or Machine Hire please make a request via the Contact Page.