Access:Check is run by Robin Tynan.

Robin has several years experience in arts event management and organisation including not-for-profit and volunteer run events. Robin is chronically ill and disabled and has been writing about issues associated with disability and accessibility for a number of years on their blog. This unique combination of events management and first hand experience of access issues allows them to offer unique and practical insight into making events and venues more accessible.

Robin has certificates in training and a Diploma in Counselling Skills which aids their work in promoting accessibility.

Access:Check and the sister organisation Access:LARP have already helped countless people attend events that previously would have been inaccessible to them. Through providing, information, advice, bespoke consultations and training Robin is dedicated to helping make events more accessible and reducing the barriers that disabled and chronically ill people face.

The core principal of Access:Check is:

It’s not about making it easier for the disabled person, it’s about making it no more difficult than for anybody else.

See the services page to find out how Access:Check can help you make your venture more accessible.